Chinese Visa Process for Pakistani Citizens in 2023

Guide to Navigating the 2023 Chinese Visa Process for Pakistani Citizens

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Getting Your Chinese Visa Approved
Whether you’re an international student planning to study in China or a professional looking to take your career to the next level by working in China, you’re about to embark on an exciting journey. However, before you can dive into China’s rich history and vibrant culture, there’s an important step you need to take: obtaining your visa.
This comprehensive guide will walk you through the ins and outs of the Chinese visa process for Pakistani citizens, including the types of visas, the application process, and the required documentation.
Chinese Visa

Chinese Visa

Understanding the Visa Prerequisites

As a Pakistani national, it’s vital to familiarize yourself with the visa prerequisites. With the recent easing of quarantine and other safety measures by the Chinese government, now is an opportune time to consider China for various activities, including leisure travel and studies.


Job hunting

Job hunting

Latest Updates on China Visa

China has reopened its doors to international travelers, including Pakistanis, by resuming the issuance of all types of visas. This includes visas for tourism, port entry, and multiple visa-exemption policies. The updated visa policy also reinstates the validity of multi-year multiple entry visas issued before 28 March 2020.


Types of Chinese Visas Available for Pakistanis

The Chinese Embassy in Islamabad has recently updated its visa application policy for Pakistanis.

  1. D Visa: For those who intend to reside in China permanently.
  2. F Visa: For exchanges, visits, study tours, and other non-business activities.
  3. L Visa: For tourism, family visits, or other personal affairs.
  4. M Visa: For commercial and trade activities.
  5. Q1 Visa: For those who are family members of Chinese citizens or of foreigners with Chinese permanent residence and intend to go to China for a family reunion, or to those who intend to go to China for the purpose of foster care.
  6. Q2 Visa: For those who intend to visit their relatives who are Chinese citizens residing in China or foreigners with permanent residence in China.
  7. X1 Visa: For those who intend to study in China for a period of more than 180 days.
  8. X2 Visa: For those who intend to study in China for a period of no more than 180 days.
  9. Z Visa: For those who intend to work in China


Essential Documents for the Application

  • Completed Visa Application form
  • Visa Appointment letter
  • JW Form (Original and A4 photocopy)
  • Admission Letter (Original and A4 photocopy)
  • Passport (Original and A4 photocopy)
  • Attested Police character certificate (Original and A4 photocopy)
  • Attested Final degree (Original and A4 photocopy)
  • Six-month bank statement, signed by the Bank Officer on the last page (No specific amount is required for scholarship students, this is merely a formality)
  • A photo with a white background Visa Fee (12100/-) – this may vary depending on the current exchange rate.

Note: You don’t need an attested Physical examination form. If you’re a UCAS student, you can get this done for free in Beijing after you arrive in China.


Procedure to Apply for a Chinese Visa from Pakistan

To apply for a Chinese visa from Pakistan, you need to access the China Online Visa Application Platform, complete the online visa application form, print the completed form, and schedule an appointment to submit your application at Gerry’s visa center, following the guidelines provided by the Chinese Embassy.


Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

Exemptions from the Chinese Visa

Certain Pakistani citizens are exempt from applying for a Chinese visa. These include individuals covered by various types of mutual visa exemption agreements, holders of valid Chinese permanent residence documents, holders of various types of valid residence permits, holders of valid APEC business travel cards (except soft cards), and individuals eligible for 24-hour transit visa-free.


Furthermore, Pakistani citizens holding diplomatic or official passports do not need visas to enter mainland China or Hong Kong SAR, with a maximum stay of 30 days in both regions. Diplomatic passport holders from Pakistan can also enter Macao SAR of China without a visa, with a maximum stay of up to 14 days.


Visa Processing Time

The visa process takes about 7 to 10 days. You will receive a call when your visa is ready for collection. It’s recommended to complete your Gerry’s office application process and schedule an appointment in the first week of August to avoid the rush.


Final Thoughts

While the process of securing a Chinese visa may seem complex, with careful planning and a thorough understanding of the process, it can be quite straightforward. The key to a successful application is providing complete and accurate information and starting the process well ahead of your intended departure date.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: What are the current COVID-19 measures in China for incoming visitors?
A: China doesn’t require incoming visitors to be vaccinated against COVID-19. However, they must present negative results from a PCR test taken before the trip. Upon arrival, passengers will undergo another COVID-19 test and are required to self-quarantine. The duration of the quarantine depends on the country they are arriving from.


Q: What is the China Visa, and how can I apply for it?
A: The China Visa is a paper visa that allows entry to China for various purposes, including tourism. This visa permits multiple entries with a maximum stay of 2 months per entry. The application process involves completing an online application form, after which you will receive a preparation guide for the next steps, including your appointment at the China Visa Application Center.


Q: What are the costs and processing times for the China Visa?
A: The cost and processing time for the China Visa vary based on the processing time you choose. There are three options: Standard, Rush, and Super Rush, each offering a different turnaround time.


Q: What documents do I need to apply for a China Visa?
A: To apply for a China Visa, you need a valid passport (with at least 6 months of validity and 2 blank pages), a hotel booking, an email address, and a payment method (credit or debit card).


Q: Is the online visa application process secure?
A: Yes, the online visa application process is secure. High-security standards are implemented to ensure the safety of your personal information.


Q: Where can I find more information about the China Visa process?
A: For more information about the China Visa process, you can reach out to customer support teams that are available 24/7.

Remember, these answers are subject to change as visa policies and procedures can be updated. Always check the latest information from a reliable source.

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