Best 10 Applications to Learn Chinese Language in 2023

Master Mandarin: Top 10 Apps to Supercharge Your Chinese Learning Journey

by Abdul Rauf
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Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey to master the Chinese language? With the right tools, learning Chinese can be less daunting and more enjoyable. Here are the top 10 apps that will supercharge your Chinese learning journey, making it as smooth as silk!


  1. Google Translate: Your Free Pocket Translator

Google Translate, a free app available on both Android and iOS platforms, is like having a personal translator in your pocket. With support for over 100 languages, including Chinese, it offers text, voice, and image translation. It’s the perfect tool for quick translations, helping you understand the basic structure of the language and navigate through your language learning journey.

Google Translate

Google Translate


Google Translate is a versatile tool that offers:


Text Translation: Type in or copy-paste any text and get instant translations.

Voice Translation: Speak into your device and get a translation in real time.

Image Translation: Take a picture of the text and get a translation.

Conversation Mode: Two-way instant speech translation in 32 languages.

Handwriting: Draw characters instead of typing.

Phrasebook: Star and save translations for future reference.


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  1. Baidu Translate: China’s Favorite Translation App

Baidu Translate, a free popular app in China available on both Android and iOS platforms, offers translation services for 16 popular languages. Specializing in Chinese to English translations, it also provides a variety of learning materials, including daily news, popular phrases, and language games. It’s like having a mini-language tutor at your fingertips!



Baidu Translate provides a comprehensive language learning experience with:


Text Translation: Translate text between various languages.

Voice Translation: Speak to translate.

Image Translation: Translate text in images.

Conversation Translation: Real-time translation for conversations.

Language Learning Materials: Access daily news, popular phrases, and language games.


  1. iTranslate: The Versatile Language Companion

iTranslate is more than just a translation app. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, it offers text translation, voice-to-voice conversations, verb conjugations in different tenses, and a phrasebook with predefined phrases for certain situations. With support for over 100 languages, including Chinese, it’s your versatile language companion.




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iTranslate offers a free version, but to unlock all features, you can subscribe to iTranslate PRO which offers two auto-renewing subscription options: $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year.



iTranslate is a powerful tool that offers:


Text Translation: Translate text in over 100 languages.

Voice-to-Voice Conversations: Talk to translate.

Verb Conjugations: Get verb conjugations in different tenses.

Phrasebook: Access predefined phrases for certain situations.

Dictionary & Thesaurus: Understand meanings, synonyms, antonyms, and more.


  1. Pleco: The Ultimate Chinese Dictionary

Pleco, available on both Android and iOS platforms, is a must-have app for anyone serious about learning Chinese. It’s more than just a dictionary. With features like a comprehensive dictionary, a document reader, flashcards, and a handwriting recognizer, Pleco is your ultimate guide to mastering Chinese.




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Pleco is free to download and use, but they offer a range of add-ons that you can purchase within the app. These include more advanced dictionaries, optical character recognition (OCR), and more.



Pleco is a comprehensive Chinese learning app with:


Dictionary: Search from over 130,000 Chinese words and phrases.

Document Reader: Read Chinese texts with instant access to the dictionary.

Flashcards: Learn with a smart flashcard system.

Handwriting Recognizer: Write Chinese characters with your finger.

Audio Pronunciation: Listen to pronunciations of words.


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  1. Hanping Chinese Dictionary: The Android-only Gem

Hanping is an Android-only dictionary that’s a worthy competitor to Pleco. It offers a comprehensive dictionary, audio pronunciation, example sentences, and a study system with spaced repetition flashcards. It’s like having a Chinese language professor in your pocket!




The Lite version of Hanping is free, but for more features, you can upgrade to Hanping Pro. The Pro version costs around $2.99.



Hanping offers a variety of features including:


Dictionary: Search for words, characters, and phrases.

Audio Pronunciation: Listen to pronunciations of words.

Example Sentences: Understand the context of words.

Study System: Learn with spaced repetition flashcards.

Handwriting Recognition: Draw characters to find them in the dictionary.


  1. Duolingo: Making Language Learning Fun

Duolingo, available on both Android and iOS platforms, turns language learning into a game. With a variety of exercises to improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, Duolingo makes learning Chinese fun and engaging.





Duolingo is free to use, but they also offer a premium service called Duolingo Plus. Duolingo Plus costs $6.99 per month and offers an ad-free experience and offline access.



Duolingo turns learning into a game with:


Interactive Lessons: Learn with fun, bite-sized lessons.

Speaking, Reading, Listening, and Writing Skills: Improve all aspects of language learning.

Immediate Grading: Get instant feedback on your exercises.

Rewards: Earn virtual coins, unlock new levels, and watch your fluency score rise.


  1. HelloChinese: Your Comprehensive Chinese Tutor

HelloChinese, available on both Android and iOS platforms, is a comprehensive app for learning Chinese. With interactive lessons, a variety of games, and a wide range of topics, it’s like having a personal Chinese tutor on your phone.




This app is free to download and use, but they also offer a premium version. The premium version costs $6.99 per month, $18.99 for 3 months, or $59.99 for a year.



HelloChinese offers a comprehensive learning experience with:


Interactive Lessons: Learn with game-like interactive lessons.

Speaking Exercises: Improve your pronunciation and speaking skills.

Wide Range of Topics: Learn vocabulary and grammar for various topics.

Personalized Learning Experience: Get personalized reviews and exercises.

  1. ChineseSkill: Master Chinese Through Games

ChineseSkill, available on both Android and iOS platforms, makes learning Chinese enjoyable. With a variety of lessons, games, and exercises, it covers all aspects of the language, including reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar.




ChineseSkill is free to download and use. They also offer a premium version, ChineseSkill VIP, which costs $7.99 per month, $19.99 for 3 months, or $59.99 for a year.



ChineseSkill makes learning enjoyable with:


Game-Based Learning: Learn Chinese by playing games.

Comprehensive Lessons: Cover all aspects of the language.

Listening and Speaking Practice: Improve your listening and speaking skills.

Writing Practice: Learn to write Chinese characters.


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  1. FluentU: Learn Chinese Through Real-World Videos

FluentU, available on both Android and iOS platforms, uses real-world videos like music videos, movie trailers, news, and inspiring talks to teach languages. With interactive subtitles in Chinese and English, it makes learning Chinese engaging and practical.




FluentU offers a free trial, after which you can choose to subscribe for $30/month or $240/year.



FluentU offers a unique learning experience with:


Real-World Videos: Learn with music videos, movie trailers, news, and inspiring talks.

Interactive Subtitles: Get interactive subtitles in Chinese and English.

Personalized Learning Experience: Get a personalized learning experience based on your progress.

Quizzes: Test your knowledge with quizzes.


  1. Pimsleur: The Proven Language Learning Course

Pimsleur, available on both Android and iOS platforms, is a well-known language learning course that offers a comprehensive Chinese learning program. Focusing on speaking and listening skills, it offers plenty of practice to help you start speaking Chinese right away.




The Pimsleur language learning system offers several subscription options for learning Chinese:

  • Premium Monthly Subscription: This costs $19.95 per month and includes audio-only content and visual tools for learning Chinese.
  • All Access Monthly Subscription: This costs $20.95 per month and gives you access to all 51 languages offered by Pimsleur, not just Chinese.
  • All Access Annual Subscription: This costs $164.95 billed annually, which works out to about $13.75 per month. Like the All Access Monthly subscription, this gives you access to all 51 languages offered by Pimsleur.



Pimsleur offers a comprehensive learning program with:


Listening and Speaking Practice: Focus on listening and speaking skills.

Reading Lessons: Improve your reading skills.

Real-World Context: Learn in the context of real-world conversations.

Memory Retention: Learn at a pace that ensures maximum retention.


Learning Chinese can be a fun and rewarding experience with the right tools. These apps offer a variety of methods to suit different learning styles. Whether you prefer interactive games, flashcards, or real-world videos, there’s an app for you. So why wait? Start your Chinese learning journey today and unlock a new world of opportunities!

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